Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll


原创作者:David J. Krajicek



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Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll是作家David J. Krajicek原创的经典小说。Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll全文情节跌宕起伏、扣人心弦,深深地打动着每一位读者,也因此让Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll成为了年度热门小说。Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll全本小说讲述的是(A 90-page True Crime Short with photographs) On April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye--one of the world’s most beloved singers--was gunned down by his own father. A generation later, fans still puzzle over how it could be that a man who crooned about peace, love, and understanding could possibly meet with such a violent end--and from his own flesh and blood. Yet the history of popular music is written in blood.

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